'Creative, intelligent and cheeky': Melbourne mother remembers son

'Creative, intelligent and cheeky': Melbourne mother remembers son
The mother of a 15-year-old Melbourne boy who died from a heroin overdose has remembered her son as "creative, intelligent and cheeky".
Tyrone Woxvold died in the bathroom of his family's Richmond home on Sunday, two weeks before his 16th birthday.
His mother Carolyn told reporters today her son had fallen through cracks in the system, getting into trouble at school and later into taking drugs.
Tyrone Woxvold and his mother Carolyn. (9News)
She said he never recovered from the trauma of losing his father, Malcolm, when he was just two years old.
"He was a different boy. From that day onwards," Carolyn said.
She said her son had started using ice earlier this year, but his mood was positive in the week leading up to his death and on the day he died, when he talked about getting a job and driving a car.
Tyrone Woxvold (9News)
"He was in a happy place that day. He was on the couch going through what types of work he wanted to do and how much a white card cost and how much a leaner's license would cost," she said.
"He wrote out a whole list of goals on what he wanted to achieve.
"He loved his fashion. He loved his clothes."
Carolyn said her son had struggled with confidence issues, especially relating to his body image, and that she believed he started using ice as a way of shedding weight.
He dropped more than 22 kilograms after he started using the drug.
Tyrone started Year 7 at Westall Secondary College in Melbourne's southeast in 2015, but struggled with attendance and compliance and was expelled not long afterwards.
His mum said he hadn't attended school since year 8.