Coronavirus crisis: WA Government tells parents to keep kids at home

Coronavirus crisis: WA Government tells parents to keep kids at home

Children need to be pulled out of school if parents are able to keep them at home and have access to online education resources says Mark McGowan.

The Premier said from now until next Friday children who attended public schools would continue to be taught.

“The State Government encourages families to keep their children at home if they can access online resources to allow their education to continue,” Mr McGowan said.

Minister for Education Sue Ellery said the following week, starting April 6, would work differently.

“(For) four days beginning April 6, schools will provide supervision only not teaching for those students who cannot be at home because those parents require them to be there to maintain their jobs or for children in vulnerable circumstances,” she said.

Families will be encouraged to use the learning from home website.

In term two students who attend school will only be supervised and not taught.

Ms Ellery said another school aged child had been diagnosed with the virus after two kids were announced to have COVID-19 yesterday.

“There is one additional student who has tested positive, that student is a primary school aged student, that’s travel related. That student had been in 14-day isolation in any event so was not in any contact with anyone else at the school they attended,” she said.

“Health has not instructed the closure of that school.

“Child care continues, out of school care continues.”