Cancer fraud Belle Gibson goes Ethiopian

Cancer fraud Belle Gibson goes Ethiopian

A video has surfaced of cancer conwoman Belle Gibson at a Melbourne-based Ethiopian community group meeting.

In the video, posted on Facebook by Shabo Media in October, a headscarf-clad Gibson goes by the name Sabontu and speaks at length about the ongoing plight of the Oromo people.

She is described as someone who should be an example for young kids and a proud Oromo.

Introducing herself in Oromo language, Gibson speaks at length about the current political situation in Ethiopia, embedding herself as part of the community and giving them advice.

"Don't act alone, don't act without moral, stay strong in your identity," she tells her interviewer.

Gibson's reflections on how she became involved with the Ethiopian community goes as far as calling on Nobel Peace Prize winner and prime minister Abiy Ahmed to not follow the path of Ethiopian leaders of the past.

She also gives an assurance her heart is deeply invested with the Oromo people, after seeing their character and values and feels 'blessed' to be adopted in the community after she started volunteering four years ago.

"I see no difference in your struggle and the struggle that I have for fighting for the liberation of Oromia," Gibson says.

"This was a gift, a blessing that was given to me both by your people but also a blessing from our lord [...] from Allah."

The discovery of the vision comes a day after the 28-year-old's Northcote home was raided and assets seized in an effort to recoup part of a $500,000 fine she received for falsely claiming she cured herself of brain cancer through diet and alternative therapies.