Boris Johnson's pregnant fiancee has also been unwell with the virus

Boris Johnson's pregnant fiancee has also been unwell with the virus

Carrie Symonds, the pregnant fiancee of UK prime minister Boris Johnson, has told the public she’s spent the past week in bed with coronavirus symptoms.

Carrie Symonds, 32, has been out of the public eye since the British Prime Minister was diagnosed with the illness, which has made him look pale and sick in his public appearances.

Ms Symonds was seen with bags leaving No. 10 Downing Street while Mr Johnson went into self-isolation.

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his partner Carrie Symonds attend the annual Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey in London.

On Sunday morning Australian time, Ms Symonds, a former Conservative Party communications director, said that she too was sick.

“I’ve spent the past week in bed with the main symptoms of coronavirus. I haven’t needed to be tested and, after seven days of rest, I feel stronger and I’m on the mend,” she said.

“Being pregnant with COVID-19 is obviously worrying. To other pregnant women, please do read and follow the most up to date guidance which I found to be v reassuring.”

Ms Symonds is due to give birth in the middle of the year and there is little to no data about how coronavirus affects the babies of women who contract it while they are pregnant.

However there have been some rare cases of newborns having the illness.

It comes as Britain heads towards its coronavirus peak, with many people ignoring social distancing rules on a remarkably warm spring weekend, despite pleas to stay at home.

There have been an extra 708 hospital deaths linked to COVID-19, latest figures show, with a total death toll of 4,313 so far.

The numbers were likely to be higher when nursing homes were included, although those figures were expected to take longer to filter through.

The youngest death was a five-year-old with underlying health problems.

New cases have begun to slow in the UK after two weeks of hard lockdown, but there were warnings that the improving figures were not a sign that the restrictions could be relaxed.

The lockdown was expected to last until May.

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