Why Beyond Blue distanced itself from 'mental health challenge'

Why Beyond Blue distanced itself from 'mental health challenge'

An organisation has distanced itself from a challenge circulating on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube that raises money for people struggling with their mental health. Here’s why.

The “mental health challenge” encourages participants to record themselves drinking a raw egg, swallowing a tablespoon of sugar, downing a spirit of choice and skolling a beer.

The video is then uploaded to Facebook, Instagram or YouTube and participants nominate a friend to do the same or donate $200 to Beyond Blue.

The mental health organisation released a statement saying they are aware of the challenge circulating on social media platforms.

“Beyond Blue cannot endorse drinking games or other activities that use alcohol to raise funds and as such, this is not a registered Beyond Blue fundraiser”.

“We encourage everyone to look after their mental health and to be mindful of how alcohol can affect wellbeing”.

It is not clear where the challenge originated but people on social media have expressed concerns that skolling alcohol sends the wrong message when spreading awareness on mental health.

Beyond Blue “sincerely thanks everyone” for their intentions of supporting their work and showing an interest in mental health.