Sweet Australian Survivor experience for Perth dietitian Harry Hills

Sweet Australian Survivor experience for Perth dietitian Harry Hills

SOME may question the clash between his two career pursuits, but Dianella dietitian and ice cream maker Harry Hills does not see a problem.

“They conflict a little bit which is why I don’t sell the ice cream, I just make the ice cream,” Hills said.

“As a dietitian, I don’t believe in the perfect diet where people are doing all the unrealistic things of eating absolutely healthy every single day. I think a little treat, in an appropriate amount, can fit into a healthy diet.”

Hills studied dietetics at Curtin University and was working as a clinical dietitian in Victoria Park when he decided to start cooking to gain a more holistic view of food.

He soon discovered his love of making ice cream (his favourite flavours are chai latte and vanilla) and an ice cream tour for charity saw him offered a job at Kuld Creamery, where his dream is to one day own an ice cream truck.

The 30-year-old is all about seizing opportunities in life, which is why he applied for this year’s season of Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders.

He has been a Survivor fan since a child growing up in Floreat, watching the American and Australian series.

“We had a whole lot of kids about the same age in our street, so we managed to play a heap of crazy games and Survivor was a big one,” Hills said.

“It just goes with the same thing as ice cream, that lately I’ve thought of things as being possible. They used to be dreams and now it’s ‘Why not just go for it and see what happens?’.

“That’s what I did with Survivor and it all just came up rosy.”

Hills said he went in to the experience thinking his strength as an average all-rounder was a good combination to keep him camouflaged in the Contenders tribe.

“It was very different to what I had expected and I thought the hardest thing would be the starvation,” he said.

“I found the rain and lack of sleep was a lot worse than any sort of food-related stuff, especially being wet. You’d see that rain coming and know the next 12 hours of your life were going to suck.

“I sat at my back window one day after I got home and just laughed at the fact the rain couldn’t get me while I was inside.”

Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders continues on Ten.