'Lump in her throat': Wildlife rescuers 'overwhelmed' by fire response

'Lump in her throat': Wildlife rescuers 'overwhelmed' by fire response
Amid the disaster wreaked on people and towns by the bushfire crisis, Australians are also opening their hearts - and wallets - to help salve the pain of displaced and injured animals.
It is estimated that nearly half a billion animals have died in the blazes, and many others have seen their habitats destroyed.
As a result, donations to rescue services have come flooding in.
Habitats have been devastated by the bushfires. (Nine)
WIRES NSW posted a message to Twitter to say they were experiencing "unprecedented" traffic to their website, and calls to their office.
"If your enquiry is not extremely urgent, we would ask you to wait a day or two before calling," the rescue service wrote.
One woman who donated, Claire, told the volunteer she spoke to over the phone sounded "overwhelmed".
A firefighter gives a thirsty koala a drink of water. (Supplied)
"I told her, it's just been so awful to see these animals hurting," she said.
"She sounded very emotional. I could hear a lump in her throat. I definitely had a lump in mine."
Heartbreaking images of injured kangaroos, koalas and other wildlife have circulated around Australia in recent weeks.
Check WIRES' advice for helping fire-affected wildlife here.
And find out more about how you can help here.