Jo Meredith in a State of Flow

Jo Meredith in a State of Flow

ARTIST Jo Meredith has always needed to move and find calm in the environment.

The yoga and dance teacher has learnt the richness of moments when we stop and allow ourselves to be truly present – when we are “in flow”.

“When painting those moments I again have the opportunity to enter into a flow state,” Meredith, of Inglewood, said.

“Thinking dissolves and feeling/being takes over. I think my love of movement comes through in the paintings.”

State of Flow exhibition work by Jo Meredith.

Meredith’s second solo exhibition at Juniper Galleries, State of Flow, features more than 30 vibrant oil on canvas paintings ranging in size from 30cm by 30cm pieces up to larger works at 1.5m by 1.2m.

The smaller works have been painted plein air (in the landscape itself), while larger creations have been created in Meredith’s home studio.

“The very large works have been completed in a friend’s attic as I need plenty of room to stand back from the paintings whilst working to ensure a cohesive overall effect at that scale,” she said.

State of Flow exhibition work by Jo Meredith.

The artworks were inspired by times in the past 18 months when Meredith felt connected to others or to the environment.

“Those moments where we are truly present, time slows down and our memories are rich,” she said.

“I have been painting and exploring Karijini, beaches and the bush, often with my dog, and I love swimming.

“I’d love for people to feel as though they’re immersed within the very large landscapes. I’ve tried to curate the show in a way that mimics descending into a Pilbara gorge as you first enter the gallery.

“I hope to remind people of their own moments of connection and joy.”

State of Flow exhibition work by Jo Meredith.

State of Flow is at Juniper Galleries in Darlington, opening at 2pm on November 3 and continues to November 17.

The gallery is open 10am to 5pm weekends and Mondays to Fridays by appointment.

State of Flow exhibition work by Jo Meredith.