Darwin murderer has life sentence appeal dismissed

Darwin murderer has life sentence appeal dismissed
The family of a woman who was killed by his partner has expressed their relief after the appeal against his life sentence was dismissed.
Danny Deacon was found guilty of the calculated murder of Carlie Sinclair in 2016, three years after she was buried in a grave at Berry Springs that he'd prepared 20 days earlier.
9News spoke exclusively to Ms Sinclair's relieved family who say they are now comfortable they've finally reached the end of their fight.
Her body lady undiscovered for 18 months until an undercover police operation saw Deacon not only confess, but lead detectives to her grave.
Carlie Sinclair was murdered by her de facto partner in 2013. (9News)
In a bid to have his life sentence thrown out, lawyers claimed an operation where officers pose as crime members - a tactic known as "Mr Big" - was "oppressive" police conduct that shouldn't have been used.
Today, that argument was dismissed by the Darwin Supreme Court
Ms Sinclair's brother Kris told 9News exclusively about his family's collective grief.
"As a family we've had this hanging over our heads for the last number of years and as of this morning, it's all put to bed. It's really difficult to describe what a relief it is," he said.
"I've already thanked her (Carlie). I think she's had part to do with it, so she'd be wrapped."
Details of the operation have been supressed until today.
Danny Deacon lost his appeal against his life sentence. (9News)
Deacon buried Carlie in a grave he had prepared 20 days earlier. (9News)
Deacon's confession in a Perth hotel room was the culmination of hundreds of hours of undercover police interactions, which included a contrived criminal gang Deacon thought he was becoming a part of.
Now, his only remaining avenue of appeal now is the High Court of Australia.
Outside court today his defence lawyer, Peter Maley, wouldn't say whether his client would take that final appeal avenue.
"We've just got the decision. We'll read it. We'll look at it. We'll take instructions and we'll make a decision," he said.
Deacon confessed to the murder when he thought he was becoming a member of a gang. (9News)
But Ms Sinclair's brother said their family are hopeful they wouldn't have to go through it.
"There's a number of hurdles he has to jump, which I don't think it'll even get that far," he added.
"So, I'm comfortable now we're at the end."
The prosecution's appeal of the 21-and-a-half-year non-parole period, which they argued is "manifestly inadequate", was also rejected today.
"I think having the appeal dismissed kind of overshadows the extension of the non-parole period that we were going for," Mr Sinclair said.
Deacon will be eligible for parole in 2036.