Alia Glorie spices up her life at Lions & Tigers

Alia Glorie spices up her life at Lions & Tigers

ALIA Glorie loves the clean slate, challenge and opportunities that come with working at a new restaurant, so she is relishing her role as head chef at Lions & Tigers.

The Fremantle venue, which opened on August 6, is all about celebrating the spices and flavours of Indian cuisine.

It is owned by James Wood and Sean and Charlie Merry.

“I sat down for a beer with Charlie, Sean and Woody and we just gelled,” Glorie, of South Perth, said.

“They’re very vibrant, fun people and I feel we needed to reflect that in the venue and its food.”

Born in the Great Southern, Glorie moved to Hamilton Hill with her family when she was 14 years old and said her mum taught her to cook from an early age.

“I have memories of destroying more than one roast chook,” she said.

Her role as sous chef at el Publico led to her first head chef role when Daniel Goodsell opened Billie H in Claremont.

“Both of those have definitely influenced me,” Glorie said.

“El Publico for the understanding of heat and Billie H for service, wine and maturity.

“Every time I go overseas I check out local market places and try weird ingredients. India was full of heat and flavour; I loved it.”

She said she loved the Lions & Tigers’ beef chuck with Indian spiced sauce, which was glossy and full of flavour.

“The chuck has been braised and is lovely and sticky,” she said.

“It’s finished with zingy yogurt, pickled ginger and tamarillo.”

Lions & Tigers is at 8 Bannister Street, Fremantle.