'Schoolie' filmed walking on high-rise ledge after climbing over balcony

'Schoolie' filmed walking on high-rise ledge after climbing over balcony
A young woman, believed to be a schoolie, has been filmed walking on the ledge of a high-rise building after climbing over a balcony railing.
The girl appears to be sitting on a chair which has been placed on the ledge.
She hands something to a young man on the balcony and then walks further along and sits on her legs.
A young man stands on the balcony that the girl appears to have climbed over to get onto the ledge. (9News)
She looks in the direction of the camera, possibly aware of the fact she is being filmed.
Schoolies are repeatedly warned of the risks associated with dangerous behaviour on balconies.
Hamish Bidgood fell to his death from a balcony during Schoolies last year, having inhaled nitrous oxide while partying with friends that evening.
Earlier this week, schoolies were warned not to risk their lives by balcony hopping days after a young New Zealander fell to his death from a Gold Coast high-rise.
The 22-year-old New Zealander who died on Tuesday wasn't an end-of-school reveller.
The Gold Coast is Australia's biggest schoolies destination, attracting tens of thousands of former students each year.
The girl sits on her legs on the ledge. (9News)
Queensland school leavers usually descend on Surfers Paradise from November 16-23. Those from New South Wales and Victoria come from November 23 until December 1, or November 30 - December 8.