Schapelle Corby hits back at online trolls for harassing her

Schapelle Corby hits back at online trolls for harassing her

Convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby has opened up on Instagram saying she refuses to hide under a rock from “savages” who bully her via social media.

The former drug smuggler has opened up on her Instagram account telling followers in a very long post exactly how she was feeling.

She said she had experienced an “onslaught” of abuse from “hundreds” of “savages” and had decided to take a road trip with her sister Mele to shake it off.

Corby revealed that she had done a digital detox, putting her phone away and focusing on regaining her physical and mental strength.

She advised other frequent users of social media to delete and block where necessary.

“I am a Strong girl,” she posted, “but I shouldn’t always have to be.”

“Cyber Bullying is not going to go away, parents need to understand the mental trauma this abuse can cause & have a plan in place.”

Corby, 42, revealed that she had endured a “torturous” Tuesday night at the hands of internet trolls.

She said that such bullying was “a real problem for this generation.”

She urged people to “be kind”.

Speaking of kindness, Corby recently joined the long list of celebs doing something to help out those affected by Australia’s horrific bushfires.

Corby handmade a quartz wall clock out of epoxy resin and recycled wood with a beach-themed face.

She auctioned it off on eBay with an opening bid of $730, announcing that 100 per cent of the proceeds would be donated to WIRES.

Schapelle Corby with the clock she made and auctioned off for bushfire relief.

With the road trip now over, Corby said she was feeling rested and revived and enthused enough to make some more clocks.

And she confirmed that the bullying would not dissuade her from doing what she wanted.

It “will not make me hide under a rock and delete my account. Instagram is an amazing place to connect and I’m staying.”

Corby has cultivated a high profile social media presence since her release from a notorious Balinese prison.

In October last year she appeared with her sister Mercedes on the Kyle and Jackie O show on to promote her updated memoir My Story.

Last month she made her debut in a rap music video.

In the video she makes a surprising appearance as a therapist who counsels troubled rapper James Kisina, who is also Corby’s half-brother.

The video, title Who You Know, pokes fun at Corby’s time in prison, with Corby even rolling her eyes at some of the beats.