Meet the contender for Melbourne's most confused driver

Meet the contender for Melbourne's most confused driver

Motorists in Melbourne have been left stunned after one driver drove against traffic in the city’s CBD this morning.

Video obtained exclusively by 9News shows a small white car stopped mid-U turn on the wrong side of the bridge prior to DFO South Wharf about 11.30am.

Seemingly oblivious to other motorists, the white car stops on the bridge before driving against traffic.

Without warning, the driver gently accelerates in front of a stopped white van and maxi taxi, crossing two lanes before continuing against traffic.

A witness said the bold motorist had narrowly avoided colliding with a “big truck” in an incident that wasn't captured on video

The car then proceeds along the bridge... in the wrong direction. (9news)

“They didn’t seem to be in a hurry,” the witness said.

“Not sure if it was an emergency or not, but it was really irresponsible.”

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