Kyle Sandilands filmed infamous eyebrow-waxing video

Kyle Sandilands filmed infamous eyebrow-waxing video
Radio personality Kyle Sandilands has been identified as the man behind the camera in John Ibrahim's infamous eyebrow-waxing video.
The KIIS FM breakfast host can be seen in a mirror towards the end of the vision, tendered in the trial of Mr Ibrahim's girlfriend Sarah Budge.
It was released after the model and restaurant manager, 29, was acquitted of weapons charges yesterday.
Kyle Sandilands (right) appears in a mirror at the end of the video. (Supplied)
The video shows Mr Ibrahim helping remove the eyebrows of Ryan Watsford in what the court heard was punishment for stealing from the family.
Mr Ibrahim, once known as the "King of the Cross", is also seen grinning as he poses with the eyebrows afterwards. 
9News understands Sandilands filmed the entire incident. 
Sarah Budge was acquitted on three charges over a handgun found in her wardrobe. (AAP)
The waxed eyebrows were presented as evidence in Sarah Budge's trial. (Supplied)
The video was shown to the jury in Ms Budge's trial because the DNA on the wax strip matched the DNA on the trigger of the Glock pistol found in her Double Bay wardrobe.
Ms Budge argued the DNA probably belonged to Mr Ibrahim and it was him or someone close to him who put the weapon in her wardrobe along with ammunition.
The jury believed her story, acquitting her of three charges.
Ms Budge and Mr Ibrahim celebrated over dinner at Rockpool last night.
Kyle Sandilands is also under fire for comments about the Virgin Mary made on his radio show. (Getty)
Sandilands is in Los Angeles as he faces criticism over controversial comments made about the Virgin Mary on his radio show.
"I thought Mary was his girlfriend but apparently it was the mother," Sandilands said on-air.
"And the mother lied obviously and told everyone, 'Nah I got pregnant by a magical ghost'."
The comments drew sharp criticism from religious groups.
Sandilands has since apologised.