George Floyd killing: Billie Eilish attacks white privilege and defends Black Lives Matter movement

George Floyd killing: Billie Eilish attacks white privilege and defends Black Lives Matter movement

Singer Billie Eilish has delivered an epic take-down of white privilege and why the term “all lives matter” is an insult to the Black Lives Matter movement.

The 18-year-old’s angry but brilliant Instagram rant in the wake of George Floyd’s killing by Minneapolis police has since gone viral, drawing more than six million likes.

“If I hear one more white person say ‘all lives matter’ one more f...... time I’m gonna lose my f...... mind,” she said in the post to her 63 million followers.

“No one is saying your life doesn’t matter. No one is saying your life is not hard. No one is saying literally anything at all about you... all you MFS do is find a way to make everything about yourself.”

Eilish then proceeds to explain “as if you were a child” why hundreds of years of oppression and systemic racism meant black people were in danger and needed help.

“If your friend gets a cut on their arm are you gonna wait to give all your friends a bandaid because all arms matter? NO you are going to help your friend because THEY are in pain because they are in need because THEY ARE BLEEDING!,” she wrote.

“If someone’s house was on fire and someone is stuck in the house, are you gonna make the fire department go to every other house on the block first because all houses matter??? NO! because they don’t f...... need it.”

Eilish said, like it or not, society gave white people privileges not enjoyed by black people, simply because of the colour of their skin.

“You can be poor, you can be struggling, and still your skin color is giving you more privilege than you even realise. And nobody is saying that makes you better than anyone. I just lets you live your life without having to worry about surviving simply because of your skin color!! you are privileged!!”

The popstar then ended her post by explaining that the movement slogan of #blacklivesmatter “does not mean other lives don't”.

“Its calling attention to the fact that society clearly thinks black lives don't f...... matter and they f***ing do!”

Fellow artists Pink, Trey Songz, g_eazy, Jordin Sparks and Natalie Portman shared and commented on the post voicing their love for her stance.