'Ferocious brawl involved bats, rocks and screwdrivers'

'Ferocious brawl involved bats, rocks and screwdrivers'
An alleged violent brawl that broke out between multiple people armed with baseball bats, rocks and screwdrivers after a car ramming incident has been caught on camera.
Two people have been charged over the incident in Mandurah, south of Perth in Western Australia, in which police allege a man rammed his ute into another car, sparking the altercation.
Security vision from the scene shows Peter Phillip Young, 35, entering his Toyota Hilux ute on Eacott Street and driving off after allegedly hitting a person on the head with a chair, residents have claimed.
Two people have been charged over an alleged violent street brawl sparked by a car ramming incident in Mandurah, WA. (9news)
Three other men and a woman then hop into a station wagon vehicle allegedly armed with baseball bats and give chase to Mr Young.
Minutes later, the vision shows Mr Young's ute crashing into the side of the station wagon and the group of allegedly armed people jumping on the attack.
"It was frightening. If they'd caught him, my opinion is they would've killed him - they were that ferocious," 94-year-old witness Stan Richards told 9News.
A 35-year-old man has been accused of ramming his ute into a station wagon, sparking multiple people to allegedly attack him using baseball bats and screwdrivers. (Supplied)
The altercation, on a suburban street, was captured on CCTV vision which police have used to charge two people with multiple crimes. (Supplied)
The 35-year-old was later taken to hospital suffering head injuries following the altercation, claiming he was assaulted.
Despite that, police say he may have sustained the injuries during the impact of the car collision.
Mr Young has since been charged with seven offences, including reckless driving, while another 32-year-old woman has been charged with driving without a licence.
"There were three others who were placed under arrest and released without charge," WA Police detective constable Neil Evans said.
"We want to confirm their identity."
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